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Ann Klem

Glass Artist, Louisville





Ann Klem 2.jpg


Inspired by science fiction, black holes and nature’s processes, my creations start with an idea and a design.  Then comes the cut, cast, fold, grind, polish. They give me a chance to explore the fluid forms of glass and how colors react with each other.

Often beginning by creating the “block of glass” either in the kiln or by laminating pieces together, I cold-work the block to create the final sculpture.   Other pieces are created by casting the glass in the kiln and allowing the glass to flow into a plaster mold.  Folding glass is accomplished with multiple kiln firings and sandblastings to a single sheet of glass.

I admit to three addictions:  glass, color, and ice cream.  I’m also a tool junkie.  In addition to the kilns, I employ a variety of grinding and cutting tools that use air and electric power and, of course, water.  While making lots of sludge, beautiful sparkling and matte finish creations emerge.

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