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Yolanda kennison

"Working with Art Inc. has been an enriching experience for my art career. As an emerging artist, placing my art in the ArtHouse Gallery was a steppingstone to further connections in the local art community and ultimately led me to placement of my paintings within prominent commercial use spaces.


The dedicated team at Art Inc. are an amazing resource for information and guidance to enhance my creative vision."

aesha n'dao

"I'm so thankful that my baskets are available at Art Inc.'s retail art gallery - ArtHouse Kentucky.


The best part is the recognition that I am getting from customers that bought my items there. Every time they see me at another event, the first thing that they will say is 'I bought one of your baskets from ArtHouse Kentucky.'


The Art Inc. team is amazing and they work hard to provide me with opportunities to sell my work at different events.


I am grateful to Art. Inc."

Denise Estelle Brown

"I have had the privilege of receiving services from Art Inc. Kentucky.  The first task they undertook was to build me a beautiful website featuring both my visual and literary work. 


In the short time that I've worked with the Art Inc. Kentucky team, my social media presence has increased threefold.  I've submitted an application to an international call-for-artwork and I have been featured in two online publications all directly attributable to  Art Inc. Kentucky.  It helps tremendously that the team are practicing artists themselves; they can understand my creative goals and challenges therein.  They always express a genuine personal interest in my work.


I am grateful that Art Inc. Kentucky is offering this level of support at such an affordable price."  


"As a professional, full time painter and sculptor in my own business known as DBW Studio, I deal with distractions and changes in the business world everyday while trying to remain focused on creating new work. 


Art Inc. Kentucky has provided me with a beautiful new website, marketed my work via social media, provided me with professional photography services and sent me calls for art work.  I've even sold a painting as a result of Art Inc. Kentucky's marketing of my work.

This program saves me time which allows me to spend more time in my studio."



"We're working and striving to play a part in our community but we're not experts in marketing ourselves.  Art Inc. Kentucky has been instrumental in informing us about valuable opportunities and art events.  We're currently following up on a few provided  leads and I look forward to what our future will bring."

dawna scripps

"As a member of ArtHouse/Art Inc. for the last couple of years, I have had many opportunities to learn and grow as an artist.


I love the constant encouragement and support I've received, which has increased my confidence as an artist, but also as a business.


I love the opportunties to grow and improve that are offered through the workshops and the resources provided through the organization.

From my view, the sense of community and the interaction with other like-minded, creative people provided through the organization is vital to becoming a successful artist! I feel honored to be a part of it!"

Lisa Brackenridge

"As CEO and Creative Director for Zila Designs, Inc., a growing minority and woman-owned design business based in the historical East End of Lexington, Kentucky, I can speak first hand to the everyday challenges that are associated with growing and operating a small fashion label.  

Art Inc. Kentucky has provided me with access to high quality business consultants, with notificactions for art work as well as exposure enhancing opportunities that, on my own, would have been much more difficult to pursue due to available time and resources.  


I've also been able to obtain some additional exposure in a local magazine as a result of my association with the program." 


"Since joining Art Inc. Kentucky, the program has helped me gain additional exposure for my work, specifically engaging its social media platforms on my behalf, which has resulted in several postings of my art work receiving more than 10,000 views. These postings have also translated
into increased views of work in my own online retail sales gallery.

Most notably, Art Inc. Kentucky made me aware, via its call for art work notification service, of an opportunity to be juried into a prominent art fair here in Kentucky. I submitted my work and was accepted. Moreover, not only was I accepted, but I also received an award for my work!

This was my very first submission to a juried art fair and I credit Art Inc. Kentucky with making me aware of it and thusly, with my very first art award.


I have no doubt that there are other artists that Art Inc. Kentucky has played a similar role for.


In a day and age where it is increasingly more difficult to distinguish myself and bring attention to my art work, I am comforted to know that Art Inc. Kentucky understands the challenges and complexities of thriving as an arts-based business and provides services to help overcome those impediments."

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