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Movement! My work moves across visual planes and my aim is for you to journey with me. As you experience the artwork before you, allow your eyes to tarry a moment. Six seconds is the average length of time people gaze at artwork. The human mind receives an image, processes it and moves on. My mission is to slow down your mind. Fix your gaze someplace small then allow the artwork to move you. Up, down, diagonal, curvilinear, it does not matter which direction you choose just be willing. Over the last three years I have refined my process to include multimedia. I begin a work with several basic concepts. I sketch, develop and pursue the image. Through multiple revisions, basic gesture lines slowly tighten into a sculptural essence. Next, I add several layers of watercolor, experimenting with color combinations, blending washes, and allowing the watercolor to live and breathe a new life into the piece. I transition by adding black ink lines, shapes, textures and designs without erasing or removing any of the initial gesture lines or watermarks. With these pieces I want to intrigue your eye from a distance. I want the elements to pull you towards the piece. As you come closer, I want you to explore the exciting elements. The theme will take on new meaning as you continue to explore the work up close. I hope you see new ideas and relax your mind. Free yourself from worry about the next image; stay magnetized to the experience of a singular piece. Good journey!

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