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Yolanda Kennison





Yolanda Kennison is a central Kentucky artist whose paintings are inspired by nature, music and her imagination. Yolanda’s abstract, floral and landscape paintings dares the viewer to think differently for a moment, embrace the imperfect and be surprised for a journey that takes an intimate look at our colorful surroundings. Soft, faint, gentle colors are often combined with strong, vibrant, bold colors to create a mood, revive a memory, renew our senses, and promote hope, healing and joy. 


Using oil or acrylic paint, the surface receives texture, dimension and color in multiple layers. A combination of brushes, palette knifes and mark making tools are used to blend colors or create an energetic moment on the canvas. Colors in Yolanda’s paintings adds the sparkle, the fragrance, the tranquility, the mystery and the memories to bond our minds with our emotions. 

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