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Anna McMurry

Potter, Richmond





Anna is an Instructional Designer and potter. She grew up in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains in Knoxville, Tennessee. She is a self-taught artist, joining a local potters' co-op in Cincinnati during the height of the pandemic as a way to get out of the house while still socially distancing. It was an instant connection, no art ever resonating as deeply as wheel-throwing does for Anna. In 2021, Anna was gifted her prize possession by her father-in-law, a professional-grade wheel. She was able to set up her first studio in a dim and drafty garage, full of spiders, mold, and the occasional doormouse She had never been happier. Today, she resides in Richmond, KY with her partner, a whip-smart poet and watercolor artist, and her sweet, little (15lb) velcro cat named The Beekus (pictured in her headshot). Now with an indoor and heated studio, she hopes to transition into being a full-time ceramic artist, expanding her work beyond wheel-thrown functional ware to more playful forms and figurative sculpting. Her art can be found at ArtHouse KY Gallery. You can follow her on Onstagram at @jarflypottery.

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